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Antrone Jones

Antrone Jones

Age: 5 | Gender: M

The doctor then told us he had Leukemia ALL.

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Antrone's Story

In June of 2020 our son started showing signs that something was wrong. First it started with him mostly laying down all day not doing much throughout the day. We took him to the hospital and doctors said nothing was wrong, maybe just a fever. As the days continued it got worse. He started to lay down more, stopped eating, hold his arms up from being in pain and lost most of his body weight. We then took him back to the hospital about the 10th time. Finally a lady told us something is wrong and rushed him to MUSC children’s hospital. When we arrived about 5-7 doctors were all working on him at once. The head doctor then told us he had Leukemia ALL. We were in disbelief and didn’t know what to do or say. They told us he would have to get a port piece, start chemotherapy and come to the hospital every week. In October of last year 2022 our son went into remission and got his port piece removed after two years of chemotherapy. This journey was hard emotionally, physically , mentally and financially. I had to stop working to care for him going to the hospital visits while his has did worked and kept his two sisters because during the time it was Covid so they could not stay at the hospital with us. I am so thankful for the many doctors, companies, financial support, emotional support and help from people all over like you. It really lifts a big weight of our shoulders and we are so thankful!!! He enjoys playing outside, playing with his two sisters, me and daddy, collecting action figures , playing video games and learning new things. He absolutely loves school and is so smart!!!! Thank you again and again. We are still trying to recover financially and we really appreciate the help this Christmas!.

Antrone's Hobbies & Interests

Favorite color : blue
Favorite hobbies : sports and playing video games.

Antrone's Wishlist

- Nintendo switch lite dark blue - gamer room carpet decor for boy room - Room LED lights - Boys Gamer 6 piece comforter set full size bed - Walkie talkie Shirt Size: 5/6 Pant Size: 5/6 Shoe Size: 13C

The Jones Family

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