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Skyy Croker

Skyy Croker

Age: 10 | Gender: F

Like changed for our family when Skyy was diagnosed with Leukemia the past June.

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Skyy's Story

Hello, My name is Ashley Millegan and I am writing to you about my daughter Skyy Croker, her diagnosis and her siblings. Skyy was diagnosed with Leukemia in June 2023. This has been a heartbreaking experience to go through. I am sure it is for anyone who has to hear that their child has Leukemia. It has been equally heartbreaking to see how the has affected our family.
Skyy is a wonderful 10 year old with a heart of gold. Our family has not been able to do a lot of activities due to Skyy’s Leukemia. Skyy’s fight with cancer affects her siblings because they have to enjoy certain moments with her not being there. Between the hospital visits and not being able to work is very stressful. It is a horrible feeling not being able to properly provide for your kids. It will be a big blessing to be able to attend this program.

Skyy's Hobbies & Interests

Skyy is a wonderful 10 year old with a heart of gold. Since her diagnosis she need able to be super active
her hobbies are art and crafts, making things and painting, Roblox and Fortnight.

Skyy's Wishlist

Wish List - Mini brands - Mini Verse - Big huge blanket - Hatchimals Alive Nursery - Plushies - Fox Costume - Slime - Building kits - Lots of paper for crafts - More mini - Shirt Size: Large / Extra Large - Pant Size: 16/18 - Shoe Size: 8.5 Women 

The Croker Family

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