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Melody Drayton

Melody Drayton

Age: 4 | Gender: F

Melody was diagnosed with Leukemia on March 24th of this year.  Melody is 4 years old. 

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Melody 's Story

Hi my name is Tanaya Hall I am the mother of Melody Drayton. Her cancer journey begun on March 24th 2023, when she was involved in a car accident with her biological father Malik. I got the call and rushed to MUSC Shawn Jenkins children hospital where I found my only child severely injured, not even an hour later Doctor Jurassic came in and begin to explain that her white blood cells were way to high and that’s when she was diagnosed with Leukemia a blood cancer found in children. This was the hardest news for me due to me losing my father in 2007 from the same exact cancer. March 26th is when they started treatment between chemotherapy and recovering from the accident, we spent a month in the hospital. By the end of our stay my princess was in remission just the news we were waiting to hear. She is currently still receiving treatments daily. Every day is a new journey. We are getting through it taking one day at a time. Throughout this journey, I have experienced major depression. I cry all the time. But, every time I see my little girl being strong and smiling. I remind myself that if she can hold it together so can I. Thank you for being a Christmas Miracle for my princess.

Melody 's Hobbies & Interests

Melody loves riding her scooter and playing with her cousins.

Melody 's Wishlist

- Paw Patrol Launch N Haul   - Bluetooth Headphones   - Remote Control Car - Mermaid Tail blanket  - Bicycle with basket on front  - Coloring Kit  - Ipad case - Bean Bag chair - Shirt Size - 4 Youth - Pant Size - 4 Youth - Shoe Size - 11C - Coat Size - 5T


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