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Claire Smith

Claire Smith

Age: 4 | Gender: F

Claire is Donald’s little sister; she is known to be the firecracker of the family and is finally able to be with her brother after spending many days apart during Donald’s first year of chemotherapy.

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Claire's Story

Hello! We are The Smiths; Molly and Josh (mom and dad), Donald (the survivor) and Claire (little sister). We were a military family stationed overseas when we heard the words, “your son has cancer”. We quickly returned to America where Donald received his first few months of chemotherapy at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. When he was stable, we were moved to beautiful, Charleston, South Carolina. Donald had many complications and extra hospital stays in the first year of his fight against Leukemia. He and his sister had to spend so many days apart. The second year of chemotherapy got a little bit easier and he reached remission and then the maintenance phase. Donald and Claire spent the year at home, quarantined, but finding ways to stay entertained day after day in our home. This holiday season we are full of hope and happiness because Donald is officially done with chemotherapy and doing very well! He will still be monitored for four more years but we thank God that our baby boy is a survivor! We really appreciate your help in making our kid’s Christmas special, as the last three and a half years have put a huge financial and mental strain on our family. Thank you!

Claire's Hobbies & Interests

Claire enjoys art and dress up., Her favorite colors are pink and green.

Claire's Wishlist

- Makeup vanity - Kids baking and cooking set - Barbie house - Dress up chest - Girls Lego set - Makeup kit - Step and play dance mat - Vtech Rock and Bop Music Player - Wonder Woman Barbie - Playdoh - Shirt Size: 5T - Pant Size: 5T - Shoe Size: 11 Toddler

The Smith Family


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