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Aubrey Huggins

Aubrey Huggins

Age: 8 | Gender: F

Aubrey is the oldest of three. Aubrey’s little sister Aviana was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) when she was 8 months old.

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Aubrey's Story

Hello my name is Carletta Huggins, my daughter Aviana was diagnosed October 19, 2020 at 8 months old with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). That was the worst day of my life. Being told Aviana had to start treatment right away and I couldn’t return to work, or my home was a nightmare I couldn’t wake up from. I had a 6 & 3 year old at home at the time also. My 3 year old would cry himself to sleep at night, not understanding why Mommy and Aviana couldn’t come home. My Husband became mommy and daddy and the sole provider for our household.

Aviana was scheduled for 6 rounds of chemo, we (through the grace of God) only did 5 rounds. I think the worst part of treatments was watching Aviana get prepped for spinal taps and receiving blood products. Aviana was delayed in walking and the 4th round of chemo caused some damage to her heart function. Aviana sees a cardiologist and an oncologist, her appointments are good so far, she is still in remission. My little one is a trooper.

Aviana is currently in remission, but still has to be monitored at the Cancer clinic every 2 months, and also Pediatric Cardiologist every six months to check the progress of her heart, which was weakened during chemotherapy. We still live in fear of a relapse every visit. We are still trying to get caught up on all the bills but after a long time it seems impossible. It's almost like we have to start over from the bottom. Thank you for all you do to help our children and provide them with the Christmas we just can’t right now.

Aubrey's Hobbies & Interests

Aubrey loves loves unicorns, decorating,and drawing

Aubrey's Wishlist

1. Lip gloss 2. Art kit 3. Purple bike 4. Silly socks 5. Roblox Robux 6. Rain boots - Shirt Size: 8 Girls - Pant Size: 10 Girls - Shoe Size: 3.5 Kids

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