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Pearl Barr

Pearl Barr’s Story – Pearl passed April 20, 2010 – Story written October 2009

Pearl was diagnosed with bone cancer when she was seven years old. It was discovered on her leg around her knee. When the doctors found it, the doctors decided that the best course of treatment was to amputate her le. Pearl also had to have 1 ½ years of chemotherapy. Pearl lost her beautiful wait long hair and her leg. In August of 2005 they told us that she was in remission, YEAH!!! Unfortunately, in July of 2009 spots were found in both of Pearls lungs. She had to have two different surgeries, one on each lung to uncover if the spots where cancer. Both surgeries where done within three weeks of each other, unfortunately they were both cancer.
Pearl was admitted to the hospital for seven days and for her chemotherapy treatment. When undergoing the treatment, Pearl developed a fever and low white blood cell count and had to be readmitted to the hospital for another four days. She lost her hair once again.

Pearl is now twelve years old. She can’t go to school, her friends can’t come over and visit, she really can’t go anywhere because of how sick she is. Doctors say it will be at least six months of chemotherapy treatments that she will undergo again. Pearl is a very sensitive, loving young lady. Once you meet her you will always remember her.


Who are the Charleston Elves?
We are a group of volunteers within the Charleston community who are committed to giving needy children a special Christmas.
How do I sponsor a child and become a Charleston Elf?

Sign up to be a Charleston Elf by clicking on the following link: Become an Elf. Choose the children you want to sponsor, provide the required information and then follow the steps required to sponsor a child.

What are an Elf’s responsibilities?

Sponsor a child’s Christmas and attend the gift wrapping party or drop the unwrapped gifts off at one of the designated drop off locations, if the Elf can’t attend the gift wrapping party.

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