our kids


Heartbreaking to have to divide your family in a time when family is needed most.

Zoe was diagnosed with leukemia Feb 13th, 2015. With no time to waste treatment started. We spent 11 days in the hospital while her older sisters Hailey now 17, and Melanie now 14 were left almost 2 hours away with their granny.

Heartbreaking to have to divide your family in a time when family is needed most. After the initial stay in the hospital Zoe had many fevers which landed us back in the hospital. Some of those hospital stays gave no answer as to why she got a fever and had to stay in the hospital. 

In May of 2015 she spiked a fever and for a week they tried everything to get her counts to recover, but nothing was working. I asked about a ct scan because she was complaining of headaches (the headaches were from low counts). They done a ct of her lungs to find a fungal infection. Anti-fungal meds were started and her counts recovered. She had to stay on this particular medication for a year with many ct scans in between. She started doing a little better and was outside playing, she fell sprang her ankle, she was x-rayed at an outside hospital and sent to a specialist by MUSC at that time they put her in an orthopedic boot for 2 months, during this time she was hospitalized for 2 weeks and on isolation for VRE (an bacteria in her poop that was resistant to antibiotics), so she pretty much was confined to a bed.

After her release from the hospital she had a hard time walking because of muscle weakness. So, we went shoe shopping and I got her some awesome pink camo cowboy boots to help support her ankle. She then transitioned to her boots and began walking. She had physical therapy and they made foot plates for her boots to help her walk a little straighter. Chemos became less harsh and her hair started growing back, she had more energy, but the fevers kept coming... ugh. More hospital stays and time away from home.

She got a virus not even sure what kind but it caused her to loose her appetite, for 2 1/2 months she didnt eat. She would ask for food but couldn't eat anything. She just couldn't find her taste for anything. After a long harsh 2 1/2 months of watching my baby girl not eat, going from 38 pounds to 31 pounds I broke down to the doctor and begged for any help to get her to eat!! They started her on a medication to boost her appetite on a Friday. Monday came and went and she still wasn’t eating. I felt hopeless and vowed i would call the doctor the next morning.

Tuesday morning, I woke up and was getting the older girls off to school, as they got on the bus Zoe comes out of my room rubbing her little eyes and says "Mommy can we go to Bojangles?" I said get in the car... and we went. When we got there I asked her what she wanted and she said chicken tenders and bo rounds. They told her they didn't have tenders yet and she started to cry. I said Mrs. Betty she hasn't eaten much of anything in 2 1/months... needless to say she got her tenders and they wouldn't let me pay!!

Zoe is in remission and doing well. Our families fight with cancer has been hit our family hard on all sides. The children have had to go without things and doing things their peers get to do. They understand why but it still hurts. I did not know what I was going to do about providing gifts this Christmas. Thanks you for your generosity and your willingness to help.