our kids


Zion is now cancer free. He continues to work on speech issues caused by the cancer and chemo.

Zion Dredden was diagnosed with RETINALBLASTOMA on June 10, 2014. On June 28, 2014 he had to have his eye removed. After recovering from the surgery, Zion started chemotherapy on July 28, 2014. Things were happening so fast, it became overwhelming, mentally, physically and emotionally. It was hard to watch my baby suffer is much.  Zion had blood infections, loss a ton of weight, and various complications before he pulled through and is now cancer free.

Zion has been cancer for a year now. The cancer and chemo affected Zion's speech. He is now in speech therapy and works really hard to get better. Zion is self-conscious of his prosthetic eye. He worries about other kids thinking he is different. 

Our family has three other children Recartez, Dredden ll, and Ziah. Because of all the time I had to take off, I had to take leave from work to take care for Zion. I am back to work for a year now and starting to payoff some of the debt from the past few years. Thank you so much for helping my family this year. There is no way we could provide Christmas for our children this year without your help.