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Trinity X.

Please join us in our prayers to help save Trinity


This is Trinity Xiao 's mom. I have two wonderful children. Trinity is seven years old now and Kristen is the little brother and he just turned six.

Trinity was diagnosed with leukemia on 10/21/15. She has had an extremely hard fight with cancer. Trinity has stayed very positive through her journey. She is such a sweet and giving person. 

On 04/28/16 her little brother Kristen donated bone marrow to Trinity. After the bone marrow transplant, Trinity spent 4 months in the hospital, and went through ton of treatments. Unfortunately, Trinity’s leukemia has come back. This was a very sad day for our family. Doctors suggested that Trinity needed CAR T-Cell treatment in Atlanta, GA. We prepared for our trip to Atlanta. But Trinity took a turn for the worse and suddenly became very ill. Since then we are still in the hospital in Charleston. We pray a lot and have faith in god that Trinity will win her fight with cancer. Please join us in our prayers to help save Trinity.