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Trenton should be returning to school this coming February.

On Jan. 9th 2016, after a long normal day at work, running errands, & picking up the kids from Karate, I decided to sit back & relax with my babies asking how their day at practice was. Chloe starts with showing what she learned. Trenton proceeds with showing his moves too, flexing his muscles. I laughed & continued smiling asking, "Show me your muscles again boy!" He did just that, proud as he can be. Then I noticed a bulge protruding from his side. I look at it, felt it, and thought this shouldn't be here & that something must have happened while he was at practice.

Doing what any parent would do, I take him to the ER thinking he has a bruise from practice. Hours later, I noticed that no one has come back with a diagnosis & I started wondering why it was taking this long for a simple bruise. The doctor and nurse finally entered the room. They look saddened and were reluctant to speak. The doctor said there is a large mass attached to your son’s kidneys that's pushing the kidney outward. And the mass pushing was cancer called Neuroblastoma, which was rare.

From that moment on, what was a normal concern turned into fear, hurt, & hopelessness. My healthy, strong, happy little boy was then fighting for his life. Instead of going to school with his sister, family & friends, he was confined to the hospital and house. No more karate lessons, baseball practice or regular trips to the playground. No more normal days. During the biopsy, he had to be resuscitated because he lost so much blood. We stayed in the hospital for almost two months. He spent a week and a half in the PICU. He had to have blood transfusions every other week, had a feeding tube placed down his nose. He even had to participate in physical therapy to learn to walk again.
I quit my job to be a stay at home with my son. The entire ordeal really put a strain on the bond and relationships within our family. Chloe our 5 year old daughter started seeing us less and less. Even though time and money was limited, our faith was not.

Trenton eventually started making great progress! He has since had multiple surgeries, chemo treatments and hospital visits. We had and continue to have our ups and downs. Trenton is eating again and gaining weight. He just finished his radiation therapy and should be returning to school this February.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Trenton’s story. Also, thanks for your generosity this holiday season.