our kids


A six year old should be having play date and watching cartoons. Not spending weeks in the hospital.

Tisa is 6 years old. In March, our worlds turned upside not once but, twice. On 3/6/18, I found out that Tisa’s father had stolen money from my savings account and run back to West Virginia where we are from. Three days later, I took Tisa to the hospital thinking that she had a kidney infection. We were transferred from Conway to MUSC almost 24 hours later and they told me the worst news a parent would ever want to hear. Tisa was diagnosed with type B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

We spent many days in the hospital. This left me unable to work. After getting out of the hospital on March 20th, I was applied for Medicaid for Tisa to pay for the hospital bills that had already begun to pile up. During the next two weeks, I was able to work a little thanks to the help of my next-door neighbor who would watch Tisa while I was not around. Tisa has been hospitalized four times since her diagnoses. When we are in the outpatient clinic, we travel two hours, two days a week. Tisa is not allowed to go to school so, a teacher comes to our house. This helps her to not get behind the other children.

I am limited in the amount of days I am able to work due to home schooling and clinic appointments. We have no support system. Our family is 500 miles away and all of this very hard to handle on our own. I am not sure our family would help anyway. Tisa is very brave and has endured many surgeries and lots of chemotherapy. This has not been an easy journey. We are only 7 months in and I’ve been faced with losing everything. I try not to cry in front of my precious girl but, sometimes it’s impossible to stop.

I hate that she has to go through this and I definitely don’t want to burden her with adult things like rent or utilities. I had money put away in case of an emergency but, it’s all gone between her father and me not being able to work. I am so relieved that this Christmas will bring a smile to her face. Thank you for incredible generosity!