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Taleisha just wants to be a “normal” teenager.

My name is Tonya and my daughter Taleisha, was diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma in her hip/pelvis area. This has really taken a toll on both of us. I'm a single parent and I'm no longer able to work. Being a single parent I have no help financially and all responsibility falls on my shoulders. I take Taleisha to every appointment. I am working hard just to keep our means of transportation. My daughter is 14 and is the sweetest child and is very humble. She has limited mobility at this time and gets frustrated that she can’t be a “normal” teenager and hang out with her friends and go to the movies. She is a trooper but I see that she is sad even though she tries to hide it.  We don’t have much and without your help this year, I don’t know how I could even provide her with Christmas. I just want to see her smile again. 

Tonya McFarland