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Due to Tabitha cancer treatments she is being home school this year. She misses her friends dearly.

Tabitha has high risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia also known as ALL. She was diagnosed with this on March 11th, 2016. Tabitha is currently receiving twice a month chemotherapy sessions. The oncologists call this the maintenance part of chemo. We were thrown a curve ball a few months ago during one of her chemotherapy sessions, her port where she receives her chemo through, became dislodged. This is a concern because she will have to undergo two intense surgeries to remove and replace this port.
Tabitha has a history of not recovering well when she comes out of surgery so we are predicted to have to stay in the hospital for a few weeks. We hope this does not interfere with the holiday season. The family does not consider this any less stressful than her chemo sessions before. She still experiences the horrible side effects of chemo and many times is unable to be active for the duration of the week after chemo.  We are still concerned because her immune system is still compromised and pneumonia can be a very serious threat to her life. We are constantly vigilant of her going out in public and being exposed to the many germs that surround our everyday lives. Chemo therapy for most children with her cancer goes on for a three-year period. Tabitha’s well being and her health very much consume our family even at this point of her treatment.
Financially it has taken a toll on the family as well and we are often struggling to make ends meet. Because she requires someone to be with her at all times, only my husband is working. ALL is almost impossible for families and individuals to deal with all the expenses related to ALL on their own, even when insurance is being used. Consider for example how difficult it would be for you to come up with extremely large amounts of money on a regular basis over a three-year time frame.
For the average American family, this would lead to bankruptcy or the heartbreaking decision of her not receiving proper medical care. We are also having a difficult time showing the other children the full attention that they require and deserve as well when we are constantly ensuring Tabitha is doing well. We have had to miss several milestones in all of their lives because of this disease. We are hoping that she will be able to enjoy Christmas with her family this year because she was hospitalized for the holidays last year.
Tabitha is 12 years old, since she is undergoing such intensive treatment she has been home schooled for this year. She has maintained a positive attitude throughout this entire experience. Since she spends most of her time at home, she enjoys reading, playing with her dolls and stuffed animals as well. Her wish list includes: a 32 inch smart TV, Lol surprise dolls and pets, target leggings size medium, Nike Free running shoes, monogrammed sweatshirt (TOR for the monogram), Nike slide flip flops, Kawaii brand squishy stress ball, Amazon gift cards, Bath and Body Works gift card, target gift card, and Puppy Love brand tee shirts size medium (found at Palmetto Moon store). Her shirt size is a medium in women’s. Her pant size is a 12 in women’s. Her shoe size is a 7 in women’s. Her coat size is a medium.
We would like to thank a moment to say thank you for your kindness. The children will cherish whatever they receive. You will brighten our entire family’s holiday season.