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Doctors say if Sandrea’s blood work stays great for 5 more years she’s cured

Our family thanks you for doing special things to make the holiday wonderful...My daughter Sandrea was diagnosed May 2015 with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia which was the scariest day of our lives since she was only sick twice in her life with flu, yes really never sick we were blessed but it changed fast. There is way to much over these couple of years to say what she went through and I try not to look back but will never forget so we take steps to be happy and look to the awesome future...which is unknown. Doctors say if her blood work stays great for 5 more years she’s cured. Her journey hasn’t ended only the chemotherapy. She still goes monthly for blood work and has breathing treatments for another 6 months. We say our prayers and hope and try to live life with what is happening in the moment because that’s how we coped and are making the adjustments back into normal life whatever that is. Here’s glimpse of her cancer life. Cancer treatment lots of blood transfusions, chemo, radiation, kidney dialysis, feeding tube, and other things but she’s my HERO and a survivor but most of all she’s my sweet beautiful girl trying not to be the cancer sick kid!!!

Sandrea loves movies, games, crafts, music and eating out a restaurants. Any gifts chosen/given will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you so much for helping our family this year. 

Sincerely, Hershey family