our kids


Ramiro is Daniela's younger brother. He is 5 years old. Ramiro will help Daniela's ring the cancer free bell one day.

Daniela’s journey started on October 3rd 2018, I noticed a couple a weeks before this date that she was acting different she was always tired, she started to have breath loss, she would also take breaks when walking long distance. So I took her to her doctor and she told us that it was caused because of her bad eating habits, she told her to start eating more healthy and see if that would help but as we now know that wasn’t going to help instead she got worse, so the next week I took her with my sons pediatric and he knew right away something bad was going on, he told me to take her to the hospital that same night which was the 2nd of October.

As soon as we arrived and told the doctors what was happening, they told me not to panic because things were going to move fast and of course I panic, I was so scared I didn’t understand anything that was going on. The doctors took her to a room and suddenly the room was filled with so many nurses and doctors.

On October 3rd early morning two doctors went in our room and confirmed that she had ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia). I was devasted to know my little sister had this horrible thing and I couldn’t do anything about it. I had millions of thoughts going thru my head, questioning if I could’ve prevented it, and how was I going to tell mom and dad this horrible news. Dad is living in Alabama because of work and mom was in Mexico caring for her youngest daughter. First, I called dad and he drove that same day to us, we didn’t tell mom we just told her she needed to come on the next flight to South Carolina which she did but she was so confused not knowing anything. Daniela was so calm that night she looked at me and said I’m going to be okay and I didn’t know if she was fully aware of what this meant.

After this day everything changed in our lives, we were always busy we had to multitask and rearrange everything around this new thing. Daniela had been living with me (her sister) for 2 years at that time and dad would come every two weeks to check on her and my mom stayed to help me with my kids but she had to go back and forth from Mexico because our little sister also needed her, but while mom was here she would take care of my kids while I took Daniela to her clinic visits and mom would stay at the hospital when Daniela was admitted because she didn’t like to drive and I had to take my oldest son to school.

At first, I thought it was going to be easy but as time went by, I realized it wasn’t. I didn’t have enough time in a day to do all the stuff I would normally do like cooking, laundry, cleaning the house, etc. I was too busy I didn’t even have time to go out with my kids as often and even our bills started to be a problem. I started to get depressed and always felt stressed trying to figure out what we were going to do to get through another month without being behind on payments. I remember the first time I had to ask for assistance was with my rent I felt so embarrassed. There was another situation where we needed a new bed for Daniela because we noticed the one she had started to grow mold due to water coming in through her window and so many other situations I never thought would happen.

We had the opportunity to connect with different organizations that have been a blessing in our lives, they have helped us so much in so many ways. I know that they were a big part on helping me to get through those hard times.

It’s been a year and 6 days since we started this journey and Daniela has improved so much she does have bad days where her counts are very low and has admissions to the hospital but we know this is part of the process and as long as she shows improvement’s she will make it. We still have a long way to go but we trust in God and know one day she’ll be able to ring the bell and say she’s Cancer FREE!