our kids


Minos is 7 years old. Minos is Elia's best (and often only) friend and brother. He has his own challenges, having autism, but he is always there to help. I can't imagine going through all of this without their bond, especially now during the pandemic when we cannot risk going out into the world without major precautions.

Elia - recently turned 5 - Leukemia warrior. Elia was diagnosed at 2 and has spent half her life battling cancer. She recently celebrated a huge milestone, finishing 2.5 years of chemotherapy treatment. She is scheduled soon to have a bone marrow biopsy and her port removed and will continue on weekly antibiotics and have monthly labs. While she suffers from side effects of treatment, she is an energetic, joyful girl destined for wonderful things. She loves camping, wants to learn to golf, and is into his adventure. She still talks about going on her first roller coaster on a trip with Flash and asks when we can do it again. God willing, she will be considered cured after 5 more years of remission.