our kids


Mikey is the middle child in the Davis family. Hs older sister was diagnosed with a synovial sarcoma cancer.

Hello my name is Elizabeth, I am the mother of Emelia, Mikey and Kailyn Davis and we are from Chesterfield SC. Emmy is the 15 year old cancer patient getting treated at MUSC. We went to several doctors offices, and an emergency room which misdiagnosed her, before finally being referred to Charleston where we were given the devastating news. Emmy was diagnosed with a synovial sarcoma on May 19th of this year. It was a shock to hear, of course, but we quickly prepared ourselves to start treatment. The enology team got her started on some aggressive chemo and eventually started radiation treatments as well. During treatment, Emmy developed shingles and had to spend twelve straight days in the hospital. Even as hard as that was, it didn’t compare to the devastation of losing her hair, even with it being expected. We reminded her she was still a beautiful young lady with or without hair, so she made the decision to shave the rest of it off and wear the Love My Melon beanies given to her from the hospital. It wasn't her hair, but they made her feel a little more comfortable without her hair.

No one ever expects to be told their child has cancer, nor do they ever expect how expensive it can be for travel and food costs, especially when we live so far away from the hospital and while the world is going through a pandemic. Just before Emmy was diagnosed, the world was shut down because of covid. I lost my job first and soon after Emmys dad was laid off from his job. He was able to apply for unemployment but only received it for a couple months before something happened and they locked his account. We have yet to this day been able to straighten that out and receive the pay he is owed. As if all this wasn't bad enough, and made our struggle even harder, Emmys dad had an accident with my two other children in the vehicle, and totaled the only transportation we had. Thank goodness for insurance, with that we were able to rent a car until we could get another vehicle. It was very difficult for us for a while, and although we received some help from family, some donations, and assistance through health insurance for hotel stays, the only way we made it through was by the grace of God. We are thankful Emmys dad was able to get another job in September, so we do have some income coming in again. Even with that, we struggle with the cost of food and travel. We can't express how much we appreciate what you do for these patients and their families. We may not have our own home yet, as we are still struggling and having to stay with family, but because of you, our children will have an amazing Christmas this year.

Much love and appreciation
Michael, Elizabeth, Emmy Mikey and Kailyn Davis