our kids


Melanie is Zoe’s older sister. Melanie loves making her little sister smile.

On February 13, 2015 our lives were forever changed with a cancer diagnosis of our youngest child. Zoe fell off her bike and hit her side a couple days before that awful day. She woke up in the middle of the night on the 12th crying that her side was hurting and was she burning up with a fever. Her dad gave her Tylenol, which didn’t see to help the fever at all. So around 6am he gave her Motrin until I could get home from work to take her to the doctor.  Once I got home, I took her to the doctor, they sent us for an ultrasound of her kidneys because she had trace amounts of blood in her urine.  They still didn't do anything about the fever. As parents we did what we knew to do and rotated Tylenol and Motrin.  I took her back to the doctor the morning of the 13th. They took a urine sample and it was thick and the color of orange juice.  They didn't even dip it, they sent us straight to McLeod regional medical center to stay the weekend for a severe kidney infection.  Once we were at McLeod they placed us in a room for labs. It seemed like an eternity before we got results.  The doctor came in and so matter-of- factly told me our daughter has leukemia.  It was really hard to control my emotions because I was alone.  I then had to make numerous phone calls to make sure my older girls Hailey (15) and Melanie (12) were taken care of and my husband could be with Zoe and I. We were transported to Charleston by ambulance.  When we arrived in Charleston they started throwing terms at me I had never heard, it was very overwhelming.  She received a blood transfusion and also a platelets transfusion that night because her numbers were so low. On Monday the 16th she had a spinal tap, bone marrow and her portacath put in place. Everyday for 11 days her doctor would come sit in the room and give us information on Zoe's condition. We were sent home on day 12. We had many hospital stays due to fever. In May of 2015, Zoe got sick and we were unclear as to why. For a solid week Zoe's ANC stayed at 0. At that point she was taken for a chest ct. The results were not the worst but it was bad she had a fungal infection in her lungs. Once we were aware of the problem it was easy to fix with medication.  She had to be on an anti-fungal med for a year. She had several delays in her treatment due to her numbers dropping.  After 8 and a half months she was put into maintenance.  Once in maintenance it was supposed to get easier, but it was not that way for Zoe.  As a parent knowing your child has cancer and that it is life long and you can't fix it is very difficult.  Thank you for helping my family this Christmas. We are so behind on our bills. This means the world to us!