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How does a sprained knee turn into Osteosarcoma Cancer?

Kylie is 13 years old. She is smart, very sweet and a joy to be around. Kylie was living a typical life of a pre teenager. She was hanging out with friends, listening to music and being a happy girl. Kylie knee started hurting. We went to the doctor, thinking she might have a sprained knee. We saw a few more doctors over the next two weeks. We then got referred to Dr. Leddy’s office in Charleston.

Kylie was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in March of 2017. Life as we know it changed in a flash. Since March of last year, Kylie has been in and out of the hospital for treatment. It has been extremely hard on Kylie. Her life as a pre teenage girl stopped and a life of doctor visits, hospital stays, needles and being tired and sick, changed overnight. Kylie faith in God has given her strength throughout her fight with cancer.

When a family fights cancer no one escapes the hurt of this terrible disease. Kylie’s brother Nicholas and sister Nelly has been great through the past year. They have both been very supportive of their sister but they have also gone without as well. While Kylie was in the hospital, I stayed with her many nights, leaving Nicholas and Nelly with family and friends. Our family has lost touch over the past year. I look forward to growing close again.

Kylie has almost finished her treatments. We are all praying for a clean bill of health and getting life back to normal.

Thanks to the Charleston Elves for supporting us this Christmas. Your assistance has taken a huge stress off of me. God bless you.