our kids


Khash is Gabby’s baby brother. Khash is 20 months old.

Hello, my name is Kourtney Sweat. I am a single mother of 3, an 8, 7 & 1 year old. Cancer disrupted our family 11 days after my daughter’s 5th birthday 8/17/17. Her name is Gabri’Ellen, she was diagnosed with medulloblastoma a form of brain tumor, she’s such an independent, strong & brave little one & she always has been.

Gabby was cancer free for almost a year until well one day she wasn’t... A MRI showed a few new spots that were alarming in March this year, a surgical biopsy confirmed that the evil monster had returned. We were given time to explore our options & our final decision was St. Jude as long as we were a candidate & got approved. It wasn’t even a week & we got the call...it’s been 7 months on our journey here in Memphis. We originally started on a trial called SJDawn but when 2 MRI readings showed growth on all tumors we ended that trial & began a new one. Her Dr. is so amazing & he is the director on both of these trials. We have had stop the trial with the last 2 treatments, one put her in ICU with low blood pressure & the second put her in the hospital for 7 days... we will continue because the Dr has a new plan to prevent this from happening again. This has caused so much stress not only to me as her mother, but my other children & our entire family. It’s almost like being on a roller coaster for the first time. Not knowing what to expect ever...I can’t begin to even express our gratitude to you for wanting to help out during the holidays & also such a difficult time. Forever thankful to you all!