our kids


Katie is Danny’s little sister. She loves playing with dolls.

Danny Nicoll is an incredible boy who has always been the light of his family's life. He’s smart, funny, talented, sensitive, a good friend and a loving brother to his little sister. At only 8 years old, he was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia, in April of 2014. After many grueling tests, spending weeks at a time in the hospital and starting chemotherapy at MUSC. We traveled the 2 hours each way 1-3 times per week for treatments for the first 6 months, followed by monthly visits and sometimes more often. Treatments and medical care for the next two years followed.

Danny’s sister Katie was missing her family and worried about her big brother all the time. Making the trip to MUSC and visiting Danny in the hospital was scary for Katie. Every time she saw her brother he looked different - lost his hair, was upset a lot, bloated and gained 30 lbs. from the steroids, and was scared. This in return made Katie scared and not able to grasp what was happening. This illness affects everyone in the family.

Danny kept his beautiful smile through it all and continues to be an inspiration to all that love him. He is currently 10 years old and just completed his 2 1/2 year protocol of chemo and treatment successfully! We will continue to go for bloodwork and exam monthly for years to come.

Our family looks look forward to Santa and all the miracles the season brings. Thanks to people like you. It will be a wonderful holiday season.

With our most heartfelt thanks!
The Nicoll family