our kids


Joel is Maeve big brother. Joel has been a huge help in taking care of Maeve.

Our daughter Maeve got sick right before Christmas last year with fevers and joint pain. After multiple trips to the doctor without answers we knew in our gut something was very wrong. So we took Maeve to the emergency room. Three weeks before her fifth birthday Maeve was diagnosed with leukemia and admitted to the hospital. At the time, we had a four month old baby and four other children at home. It was a nightmare. Maeve needed six blood transfusions in the first two weeks and was very very sick. She didn’t walk for months because of the pain in her legs. While we were inpatient Maeve’s dad moved everyone in with her maternal grandfather to have help with the other children. It’s been incredibly traumatic for all of our children. They have all missed out on many opportunities this year. Joel recently turned 17 and is an amazing big brother to Maeve - he carries her wherever she wants to go. Gabriel turned 14 the day before Maeve was diagnosed and is always willing to curl up and read a book or play with her. Tess is almost 11 and helps with so much, making up games to help Maeve with meds or playing with the baby for a while so we can take care of Maeve. Pearl is 7 - only 20 months older than Maeve and they were very very close. This has been incredibly hard for her. Atticus is now one and has been there for it all, the inpatient stays and every chemo and clinic visit.

Thank you so much for your generosity. I cannot tell you how much this means to our family. Fighting cancer has really taken a toll on our financial situation. This really takes a huge burden off our plate.