our kids


Jalyshia is an older sister of Za’Carri. She loves music and dolls.

Za'Carri was diagnosed in 2017 with kidney cancer at the age of 15 months. We’ve traveled back and forth from Walterboro to Charleston every week for treatment and some times we have to stay for 5 days for chemotherapy. I am his grandmother and have custody because his parents were abusive to each other. I also have custody of his 3 siblings permanently. It’s rough because I put my treatment for breast cancer on hold so I could be at the hospital with him. We lost our home due to all of the medical bills but by the help from different organizations we find a new home. We have been struggling and some days I don’t have any food to feed the kids because I’m on a set income and we have to use that money to keep a roof over our heads and I can’t see where there will be enough money to get them anything for Christmas. I’m back taking chemotherapy for breast cancer and I’m praying for my babies so they can have a smile on their face on Xmas morning. Thank you for helping my babies this Christmas.