our kids


Jake is Vinny’s big brother. Jake, Vinny and their brother Luke are inseparable.

Last Thanksgiving eve Vinny, Jakes’s younger brother was diagnosed with Cancer. Since then, our world has been turned upside down. As a working mother in the medical field, you would think you would know what to look for, that was defiantly not the case. His diagnosis and treatments have been so hard on the family, both physical, emotionally and psychologically. Vinny has been in the hospital for chemo and radiation more times that he has been home over the last year. Living two hours away from MUSC has made it hard on the family. All three of my boys are very close, really inseparable and it has really pulled heavy on their heart strings. When Vinny doe get to come home in between treatments, we try and make the best of it, making sure to pack in as much fun as we can. The boys love going to the beach, the park and eating out at Vinny's favorite restaurant.

We are so blessed to have such giving generous people take us under their wing and help us in such difficult time. I can't thank people enough for their kind-hearted help!