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Issac is Laura’s baby brother. He loves playing with his big sister

Hello, My name is Courtney Carpenter, Laura’s mom. Laura was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia back in February 2015. My family and I had no idea that Laura's Fevers and others symptoms were so serious. From the beginning of January 2015 to February 6, 2015, Laura had been very tired, pale skin and complained about pain in her body. Little did I know her stomach was really hurting and she wasn't just trying to get out of eating her food. She got to the point where she was barely producing urine because she didn't want to drink. I took her to several Nason's Emergency rooms and they misdiagnosed her because they never felt her protruding belly. Finally my aunt and mom were like this is enough; she needed to see another doctor, so we went to the MUSC Children’s clinic in North Charleston. My father took her while I was working because I could not miss any more days at work.      I took Laura later that day Feb, 6 to get her blood draw because the Doctor thought she had Mono. Mono and Leukemia cells look similar. Later that day after Laura’s Doctor was able to look at her blood and called me at around 11pm with the bad news and told us to go to MUSC Children’s ER. Our family was very scared. Laura was on chemo in less than 48 hrs. The doctors assured us that their goal was to get Laura better and back to her normal routine. Our hospital stay went from possible 8 days to 6 months once they found out the type of Leukemia Laura had. Laura and I made the hospital our new temporary home and made the best of it. She spent her 4th birthday there with pneumonia and around that same time we found out that her heart functioning had decreased by 25% because of the chemo.      Laura is a strong little girl and if this had to happen to her it’s fortunate that she is little and won't remember that she had some hard times and just be glad that she is alive. Every day is a blessing for us. Before all of this I was working full time to make ends meet for Laura and my son Isaac. Laura was able to get a bone marrow transplant because the other chemos would hurt her heart even more and we didn't want that. She loves to sing, dance and make up her own songs. She is a real rock star. All of her nurses loved her and there was never a dull moment when she is in the mist of fighting this terrible disease     As of today, Laura is doing really well. She is getting caught up on her immunizations and is in Kindergarten. She really loves school and I’m glad that her being sick does not continue to burden her. I have gone back to work part time until I find something better. Isaac is glad to have his big sis around to look out for him and play with him. We are so blessed and grateful for Laura doing so well. Thank you in advance.