our kids


Sweet 16 and cancer. This is not how a teenager plans their high school days.

Hunter was diagnosed with Acute Promyelotic leukemia June 2018. Our lives have forever changed. He was admitted about 33 days at MUSC. For the last 9 weeks he had to go Monday through Friday to MUSC for Arsenic Drips. On Nov. 5th he will be admitted another 30 days. We have been very blessed by family, friends, Oncologists, nurses, and organizations. Hunter is 16 and a junior in High School (Homebound now). Before all this he played recreation baseball and basketball for our Church. Hunter’s sister Kendall is 8 years old Kendall. She loves the outdoors, cheerleading, reading and animals.

Thank you for all you do.

Haley, Mark, Kendall and Hunter