our kids


In April of 2015, any parents’ worst nightmare became our reality.

Hi, my name is Magan and my daughters are Haven, 13, and Kyndal, 11. The last 4 years have been filled with many nightmares coming true. In April of 2015, any parents’ worst nightmare became our reality. Haven had been sick, and we had been back and forth to the doctor for about 3 weeks. I continuously asked them to do blood work, tell them this wasn't normal for my child, she didn't get sick. Finally, on April 22, 2015 I finally found a doctor to do blood work and by the next afternoon we were a direct admit to the cancer floor. Then the nightmare began. She was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocyte Leukemia PreB. The doctor pulled me out of the room, and I brought along my cousins, who are both nurses, to stand with me to help me understand and remember what all they were telling me. One of the hardest things I have ever had to do was tell my beautiful 8-year-old that she had cancer and had to go through chemotherapy. She suffered through 2½ years of chemo, hospitals, medications and fighting for her life. Kyndal spent those years worrying about if her sister was going to die, being thrown between whatever family member could watch after her and not having her mom. I had to quit my job to take care of Haven and well, that was very hard on us financially. Cancer is a nightmare that no one should have to live. Haven went in remission and off chemo in August 2017. Life was just starting to get back to normal until she started having issues again in November 2018. 2 days after Thanksgiving, our worst fears were confirmed. She had relapsed, only this time it was not chemo that we would face. It was a bone marrow transplant. After 4 months of chemo, looking for a donor and waiting for her to go in remission so she could start radiation and chemo for the transplant, we got the call. We had to leave our home, our jobs and Kyndal again. We flew to Rochester, MN to the Mayo clinic for treatment. Having to handle bills back home, as well as take care of ourselves here hasn't been easy. We were supposed to be able to go home in August, but they told us it would be December before we could finally go. Trying to have a Christmas is wasn’t even a possibility until the Elves. Thank you so much for your kindness.