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Haven is a fun loving little girl that enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Hi my name is Magan Roper. On April 24, 2015 my life was changed forever. I spent the whole night before up all night talking to everyone I knew from CNAs to LPNs to RNs even had them talking to their bosses, trying to find out what could be wrong with my beautiful 8 year old daughter. On that day I found out my daughter had acute lymphocyte leukemia preB.

My heart was at a loss and even still now it's not much better. I quit my job and started working full time to help my daughter beat this. Haven has spent a lot of time in the hospital. She is doing better but still has chemo related pain and sickness. Not to mention the daily meds, weekly appointments, and monthly IT appointments (spine tap with fluid collection and chemo injections). She still has a year of chemo or so left and they have to increase her meds due to her body getting use to them.

Havens sister, Kyndal has to be passed between family members, barely seeing her sister are me.  She constantly has the fear that her sister won’t make it. Being out of work and all the bills that come with the cancer treatments has been a struggle. I recently was able to go back to work part time to help get my feet on the ground financially, but only part time, I will not miss one doctor appointment. So as you can imagine bills are piling up and every day I try to dig my way out of debt and to keep the lights on. 

You are kind and very generous for helping me provide a wonderful Christmas for both these girls who so deserve it after everything they have been through over the past year and a half. Words could not even begin to thank you.