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My child had CANCER and was about to undergo CHEMOTHERAPY. My life was shattered.

Hello, my name is Santa Medina, my daughter’s name is Galilee Jimenez. Galilee is my middle child. I have 3 kids; Sinai 9yrs old, Galilee 8 yrs old and Caleb who is 6 yrs old. Galilee was diagnosed in Feb. 2016 a month before her 6th birthday. As a mother looking forward to celebrating her 6th birthday we were hit with horrible news that crushed my heart. No mother ever wants to hear of her babies having cancer at all, and especially a month before her child's birthday. On Feb. 2016 her diagnosis was given. Galilee had Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH) for short.

LCH is a rare cancer that attacks one’s immune system. At that moment our lives changed forever. Fear filled my heart and I was not certain of anything at all. My child had CANCER and was about to undergo CHEMOTHERAPY. My life was shattered, but Galilee was my light, my strength, through it all. Her faith and trust in God never failed. I am the mom and I had to be strong for her; instead she was strong for me. She sure did take it way better than I did. To this day she has been a champ all the way. Galilee's little body, heart, and spirit had more strength in her than I ever had.

In March 2016, 2 weeks after her birthday she had surgery to have a port placed to start chemo. We had to travel to MUSC every Friday for the 1st year.  MUSC is located about 3 hours from our home. We had to ask family members to help care of our other 2 children since there were times we had to stay overnight. Our family was/is very supportive and very helpful. We are truly blessed to have them in our lives.

In June 2017, Galilee went into remission, but our joy was short lived. Three months later she had scans and we found out her LCH had returned. This time it showed up in her jaw bone. She had to start all over again. It has been a very long hard road for her and for us as a family, but she (WE) continue to fight along our strong little girl's side. It sure has been hard emotionally for her, her brother, her sister, and us as parents to see her struggle with this illness. There have been days we barely make bills or gas for our cars, but we have made it this far and with such a long road ahead of us, we know with God's help and wonderful people like so many of you out there, we will make it.  I am so relieved I can stop worrying about Christmas and concentrate on healing my family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!