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We went to the doctor’s office in suspicion of him being anemic, but our world was quickly turned upside down.

Eli just turned 3 years old! Right before Jayden was diagnosed Eli actually spent 5 weeks at MUSC’s NICU. So, he wasn’t totally new to the whole hospital stays. Eli has so much energy and will play until he falls asleep. He loves to pretend! One of his favorite things to do is go grocery shopping! He learns the names of all types of food so quickly because he also LOVES to eat! Since Eli was almost one when Jayden was diagnosed, he has terrible anxiety of being left. Every morning he asks where his bubby is. He can’t stand to be apart from his big brother for too long. Eli’s favorite superhero is Spider-Man! He loves to jump off the bed and pretend he is making spider webs, which constantly gives me heart attacks when I hear thumps from upstairs. I can hear him scream SPIDER-MAN psh psh psh as he shoots the webs at his sister.

Jayden’s Story

On August 11, 2016, Jayden was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. We went to the doctor’s office in suspicion of him being anemic, but our world was quickly turned upside down. We live in Myrtle Beach and traveling to Charleston where he gets treatment at MUSC. The induction period was very hard for us since Jayden was neutropenic and not allowed to leave the hospital until his counts rose. We were there for about a month until we were discharged. We were stressing about the health of Jayden along with trying to find someone to watch our other children. It was a crazy month for us. After induction chemo we were told Jayden showed no more leukemia cells in his bone marrow making us believe he had achieved remission, but a few days later the bone marrow that was sent to John Hopkins came back stating there was still .05% of leukemia cells still in his bone marrow. We were upset but glad that the amount of leukemia cells was under 1%.

Jayden is now 7 years old. It’s hard to believe it has been 3 years ago when he was diagnosed. Jayden is very outgoing and will play and talk to anybody who is willing to give him the time. He enjoys going to the park, building LEGO sets, and most of all video games. His favorite YouTube/gamer is Dan TDM. He says he wants other kids to be able to watch his YouTube videos and be happy like when he watches Dan TDM. Since Jayden’s spent a lot of time being in home bound for school and lots of hospital stays, he’s had a lot of time perfecting his “gaming skills.” His favorite games to play are Roblox and Minecraft. He recently got into Fortnite, because he saw a gamer become a millionaire by winning a nationwide competition.