our kids


Cyan is Indigo’s older sister. She enjoys playing with Indigo and keeping her mind off her treatments.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about my six year old daughter Indigo and read her story. Indigo started having a fever. It would come and go. But it would never fully go away. This happened for about three weeks. We decided to take her to the doctor and see what was happening. The doctors initially thought it was a viral infection. We tried to keep her in school but Indigo could not shake the fevers and started feeling worse. At this point the doctors decided to run a few more tests. The doctor drew some more blood and ran a quick test in the office. When the doctor saw the results he thought his equipment was malfunctioning, and sent a blood sample to Conway hospital. Our doctor sent us immediately to Conway hospital to get the results of the lab work our doctor sent over. When we arrived at the Conway hospital, my husband decided to wait in the car and I would go inside to get the results. The doctors their told me that he thought our daughter had leukemia, I looked puzzled. I’ve heard the word before but I didn’t quite know what it was. Basically, he said, your daughter might have cancer. I immediately broke down and called my husband to come inside the doctor’s office. The doctors at Conway hospital quickly made arrangements and sent us to MUSC. We had and asked lots of questions. Finding out you child has cancer is a lot to take in. We were still a bit in denial. Since cancer was not in our family history. Our fears were confirmed. We stayed at MUSC for about 2 weeks. We didn’t really inform our families about the details (yet) because we didn’t want them to worry without us being home; besides Indigo wasn’t about to let either of us leave her bedside. Once all three of us returned home we shared the news with the kids. Our other children took it pretty hard initially because they didn’t understand exactly what this meant. They had plenty of questions. We had to travel back in forth from Myrtle Beach to Charleston twice a week for months. Then if she got sick we would have to go to Charleston and stay or if there was a procedure that needed to be done sometimes it took several days and we were away from our kids days at a time. Indigo is still taking daily chemo medicine and we still go the MUSC for her to get lumber puncture and chemo there as well. She is a very strong willed little lady. Thank you so much for generosity this holiday season. My husband and I are very appreciative for all that you can do. God Bless YOU!! U’Lania Burgess