our kids


Connor is 4 years old now and is deemed legally blind.

When Connor was 7 months old he was diagnosed with Bilateral Retinoblastoma cancer in both his eyes we were told it was the worst they have ever seen. We were also told after many exams he would probably lose his left eye. Connor went through many months of chemotherapy and 3 inter arterial procedures, and many blood transfusions, and platelet transfusions. We were told he also carries the mutant RB1 gene and is 50% likely to develop another cancer in his body. Along with the chemo he had side effects are bone cancer and kidney failure and hearing loss. So Connor will now get full body imagining and hearing test every 8 months. Connor is 4 years old now and is deemed legally blind the doctor described his vision as looking through a skinny coffee stir straw. Connor also goes to his regular ophthalmologist in Charleston every 8 weeks for eye exams and changes in his prescription for glasses. Connor is also AUTISTIC and was diagnosed at age 2 and he receives occupational therapy, speech therapy ABA therapy and vision therapy. Connor will be 5 November 19th. We have new scans coming up on the 23rd as long as his mandatory covid test comes up negative.

Connor is such a fun, loving, silly, amazing boy and we can’t imagine ever being without him or being able to give him everything his heart desires. We are in so much debt due to not working to care for him and now only one income we can’t seem to get out of this deep debt hole, everything is behind disconnect notifications on power, and behind car payments. So I’m truly grateful for the kindness and generosity of people like you that are willing to help give my son a Christmas because we surely could not. Thank you so much