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Chloe’s brother, Trenton, lost his fight with cancer this year. Our family is so blessed to have had 8 wonderful years to bond, love and create wonderful memories with Trenton.

Trenton lost his fight with cancer on July 11 this year. This will be our first holiday season without Trenton. We know he is in a better place, free of pain and worry. Below is Trenton’s story.

On Jan. 9th 2016, After a long normal day at work, running errands, & picking up the kids from Karate, I decided to sit back & relax with my babies asking how their day at practice; Chloe starts with showing what she learned & Trenton proceeds with showing his moves too, flexing his muscles. I laugh & continue smiling asking, "show me your muscles again boy!" He does just that, proud as he can be. Then I noticed a bulge protruding from his side. I looked at it, felt it, and think this shouldn't be here and that something must have happen while he was at practice.

Doing what any parent would do, I take him to the ER thinking he has a bruise from practice or fell. Hours later, I noticed that no one has come back with a diagnosis and I started wondering why it is taking this long for a simple bruise. The doctor and nurse finally entered the room. They look saddened and reluctant to speak. The doctor says there's a large mass attached to his kidneys that's pushing outward and that mass is cancer. I just sat in silence not knowing what to do.

Since that awful day, Trenton had multiple surgeries, chemo treatments & hospital visits. We have so many ups and downs. We finished his radiation therapy and then Trenton relapsed. Sadly, on July 11, our hero gained his wings and we gained an angel. As upset as we would like to be with God, we know that he is in a better place, free from all the pain and medications he had to endure. We are so blessed to have had 8 wonderful years to bond, love and create wonderful memories. Thank you for helping me and his sister Chloe this Christmas. We are trying to move forward one step at a time.