our kids


Charlie (12) is Sawyer's older brother. The boys love playing outside together.

Charlie (12) is Sawyer's older brother. He loves the outdoors as well. Hiking, swimming and fishing are his top outdoor favorites. Charlie is more of an animal and history lover. I think he will go into some field one day involving animals when he is older. He currently has 3 fancy bearded dragons. The past several years during the week when any class at his school would be discussing reptiles, he would bring the lizards and give a show and tell presentation. Charlie is very outgoing and is very passionate about animals and his gaming. Besides the outdoor hobbies, he too likes to play video games and watch Star Wars. He really wants to get his teen room set up more grownup. Charlie would love any of the following: a blisslight sky light, color-changing LED strip lights for his room/ceiling, LED hexagon wall light (All the above can be found off amazon), Microsoft gift card for his Xbox, anything fortnite or Among Us (both are games he plays with his brother), his favorite color is blue, but likes wear all black, he would like to read The Storm Runner by J.C. Cervantes, The Wolf Called Wander by Rosanne Parry, or begin The Apollo series by Rick Riordan. Charlie wears a size 8.5 men’s shoe, adult small shirt, and size 16 pants/shorts (he prefers drawstring comfortable pants-almost like sweatpants). Charlie has really struggled with his brother being diagnosed with cancer. Not just him having cancer, but also feeling left out by family and friends when they call, send gifts, and check on Sawyer. He notices all this, and is aware of what is going on, but feels left out and sad that he wasn't included. Besides this, he has handled his brother’s diagnoses pretty well. He has stepped up to the plate and taken on more responsibilities around the house and with the pets to make life easier for my husband and me. He is a sweet caring young man.