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Within 15 minutes, the doctors came back in the room and told us the news that CD had leukemia.

My son Charles David “CD” was diagnosed September 10th, 2019 and it has made us see the world in a very different way. To tell you how we discovered his illness by signs, he was running cross country, the first sport he ever did since he was really small, and started to get weak and have shortness of breath. He got to run 2 meets, which was very difficult for him and in fact, I ran or walked with him to encourage him on his first one. The second meet was very scary for me and him because he had issues catching his breath. It was almost like he was having an asthma attack. On September 9th, I took him to his doctor to get checked out because he woke up feeling really bad. I was very happy that we did because by noon on the 10th, we got the call to get him to the Children's hospital in Charleston right away. We packed a bag and off we went but had no idea in less than 2 hours we would hear the words that changed our lives forever. The drive was very emotional for me because my husband was at work at the time and wasn't with us. Plus we had no clue of what was going on until we got there.

Once we arrived at the hospital, we were admitted to the ER and they ran more tests on CD. By this time, my husband had arrived and we were waiting. Within 15 minutes, the doctors came back in the room and told us the news that CD had leukemia. Our hearts hit the floor and we were in shock. My head was filled with emotions and we were trying not to get upset for CD. I mean who was expecting the words of CANCER to come to mind with your child...NO ONE EVER!! By this time, we were still not processing what was told to us or what we would be facing in the years to come. We were admitted into room 772 and later spoke with the doctors to get some kind of clue of what we would be facing and get some understanding about this wicked disease. I was still not processing this and thankful my husband was there with me to ask all the questions while my mom and sister were staying with CD in the room. My husband was my rock and God was hearing our prayers because we could settle down and hear what needed to be heard and done for CD to have the best treatment possible.

The days to come of that week were very foggy at the time but everything went well and we were able to come home after only being there 7 days. Not every day has been great but storms pass with God's help. We are blessed that CD is doing well and continues to get better each day. CD just had his year diagnosis anniversary and since he is currently in remission, that anniversary is coming up October 25th. We are blessed that the treatments are working and that he is doing well with most of them. We had a few bumps in the road but we were blessed that he got the best care from the nurses and staff. As of now, he will be getting treatments until January 2023. We are blessed that he is in good spirits and doesn't let anything bother him. He has been a true warrior during this time and we are thankful God is with him to keep his faith strong.

Right now, we are concerned with the affects of the Corona Virus and what it could do to CD and our family if we get exposed but we are staying away from things and crowds because we don't want to take chances. CD's diagnosis has changed our lives but dealing with Corona is difficult as well. Our family has had it rough with going back and forth to treatments and my husband has been out of work since March because of the virus. The time with CD during the rough months was a blessing for him to be home because having a teenage boy some situations are ruff and dad was needed. CD is still adapting to the changes his body has made, losing hair several times and living differently but he keeps the faith and knows that he is still the same person, just a stronger one!! Who wants to tell their child no because they are scared of the outcome or what it can do to them to cause more damage. It is hard to go from an outdoors person to being stuck in the house most of the day because you are limited on the stuff you can do. All these changes are hard and emotional but in the long run the outcome will be successful!! We just keep the faith and know that all things are possible because God gives us the strength to face each battle!!