our kids


Caleb is Galilee’s little brother. He is 7 years old.

Hello my name is Santa Medina, I am the mother of Galilee!

Galilee was diagnosed with are rare cancer in 2016, Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH). Since then she has had a several surgeries, ER visits and lots of treatment. In mid 2017 she finished her 1st year of treatment. But just 3 months after Galilee was cleared and cancer free, she relapsed. The cancer was back. Galilee had to start treatment again. She has now been in treatment for 2 years.

Just recently the end of September 2019 she came to the end of her treatment. Galilee went in for scans on the last week of September. The scans came back CLEAN. For the 1st time in 2 long years, Galilee is cancer free. She will have scans again in 3 months, January 2020. If the scans come back clean, Galilee will proceed to the next step in her journey in fighting cancer.

We are praying for her to be in complete remission from this horrible disease. Fighting cancer has consumed Galilee and our entire family. Galilee has become a VERY STRONG girl!!! It has made our family very close knit. We appreciate life a bit more each and every day. We are blessed to have Galilee in our lives! We are looking forward to a long full life with this amazing girl by our side and we know she will do GREAT things!!! For now we pray and have Faith that God has her in his mighty hands and she WILL beat this and her scans in January will show CLEAN.