our kids


Amelia is Austin’s little sister. Austin passed away October 26, 2017. Austin and her family fought her cancer for 7 years.

My beautiful Angel Austin was 12 years old when she left us to continue her journey in Heaven. She had her fill of cancer. She had her first brain surgery at 5years old in 2010 on Thanksgiving. In March 2012, it was determined that Austin had a rare brain cancer that incorporated 9 different cancers into 1 tumor so it had no real name. Just stage 3 brain cancer. She did a chemo and radiation regimen and was cancer free at the end of 2013 and was diagnosed again in Aug 2014 with brain and spinal cancer after having a biopsy of a tumor on her spine. The doctors found out that Austin’s tumors (which weren’t supposed to spread) actually did spread and ended up again in her brain and now down her spine. She did another chemo and radiation regimen but this time did a molecular one based on her exact tumors. We were told that these, however, would not go away and it would be a miracle if it even changed to a smaller size. She could barely do any of the chemo because her body was too weak to handle it, so we ended up stopping the chemo and finished our radiation. Around Sept/October, Austin was given a clean bill of health. Her tumors had all disappeared. We received our miracle. In 2016, after a few routine MRIs, Austin was diagnosed with leptomeningeal disease spread. Her cancer was now in her spinal fluid and was spreading and sitting anywhere it wanted to. We were pretty much told that the doctors would be surprised if she made it for Christmas 2016. My amazing girl DID! She fought her way through 2016 and most of 2017. She has been greatly missed everyday this year and every year by us all. 

Amelia is also a soldier in her own right. She is my 5 year old wonderful spunky girl. She was born in August 2012. All she has known is her sister being sick and has had to take sort of a back seat to her sister’s needs. Being the little jokester that she is, she has always tried to make everyone, especially her sister, laugh through all of these times. Even if it meant she was going to get into trouble. She, along with the rest of us, are having a really tough time with the passing of her sister. Everyday reminding herself that sissy is gone. Letting us know that it’s okay but also telling us that she really misses her sister. 

Christmas is really going to be tough emotionally.  I am a newly single mom. I cannot tell you how much you are helping me keep my head above water. Trying to find a decent job after being out of work for so long has been a huge challenge. By helping us this Christmas your family is really giving us hope. I hope this coming year our family become financially stable again. Also you’ll give us a chance to really be together as a family unit for Christmas which we really what we need right now. Thank you so much for what you are willing to do for us.