our kids


I had to tell my daughter Amaya she had cancer.

Amaya was so excited about turning thirteen and becoming a teenager and unfortunately that happy time turned in to one of the most difficult times of her young life. I ,as her mother was force to first understand what I had just heard and secondly I had to break the news to Amaya, which is a parents worse nightmare, but I had to inform her as well as the rest of the family of this awful disease that had found a temporary place in Amaya's body. The journey of watching your child in and out hospitals and being stick with needles all the time and seeing them in pain and know you can't carry that pain for them is so heart wrenching, but with the support and love from family, friends, and even strangers, it has made this journey a little easier to endure and although it is an expensive and challenging time, it is all worth it for my baby girls health!! Getting help with her Christmas stuff at this time is such a huge blessing considering everything we have going on with her. Amaya enjoys playing video games and coloring for her hobbies, her favorite color is orange and shes a huge wrestling fan of Roman Reins.