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Allie was born on Feb. 20 2019 at 1:39 pm and my wife and I couldn’t have been more proud.

A little about Allisyn Marie Seils.

Allie started out as a premature baby born at 34 weeks due to mom having preeclampsia.

Allie was a nicu baby due to her having apnea. It was a month and a half before we could bring our baby girl home. That lasted about 3 weeks as we noticed her belly getting bigger and bigger and not eating and just wanting to sleep all the time. So, we took Allie to the ER and we were told it was just a umbilical hernia. That didn’t seem right after a few days Allie continued to get worse so off to the ER again. The doctor did an ultrasound on Allies belly and noticed her liver was enlarged. When the specialist got to the hospital, he told us that there was a growth of some sort on Allies liver and that we were being sent to MUSC Children’s Hospital.

When we got there Allie had already been diagnosed. My wife and I were informed that our baby girl has neuroblastoma cancer. Our world came crashing down at that point you see the commercials on tv about childhood cancer and you never think it can happen to you and your family, but it did. As we got more information from the doctors and testing Allie has neuroblastoma stage 4s cancer. Allie started chemo right away. The first 2 rounds were the hardest on her as she started to go into renal failure. We were told at one point that there was a chance she might not make it. We continued Chemo for another two rounds. Everything was looking better but in that time I (dad) lost my job. I had missed work while at the hospital with Allie. My employer told me choose my daughter or my job. Told them that’s not a choice at all my baby girl comes first.

After 5 and a half months in MUSC My wife and I were able to bring Allie home. We still have trips to MUSC every other week. So, with me being out of work and bills don’t go away we have struggled to stay caught up on rent bills and being able to drive to Charleston multiple times a month. It is not easy. With that being said my wife and I are thankful that we have Allie and for all god has provided us. Thank you for your help this Christmas. I cannot tell you how much it means to our family.