our kids


Alaiyah is Savion’s new baby sister (18 Months).

Savion Housey was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma cancer on July 16, 2013. He had to get chemotherapy, radiation, and other treatments for a year. He still had to get scans every three months and go to other doctor appointments after his treatments. September 2017 was supposed to be his last set of scans. After reviewing the scans, the doctor found a tumor on his liver. He had to continue getting scans so his doctor could monitor the tumor. From September 2017 until July 2018 the tumor kept getting bigger. Savion’s doctor and parents decided to let him have surgery on his liver to remove the tumor while it was still removable.

Savion is currently still going back and forth to MUSC to get scan and see his doctors. He has to go and see nephrology about his kidney often. He was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease stage 3 on September 20, 2018. His activities and diet have not changed. We just have to make sure he’s drinking plenty of water and keeping an eye on his kidney function, especially since he only has one kidney. His left kidney was removed back in 2013 when the cancer was removed from his stomach. Once the disease is classified as a stage 5 a kidney transplant is needed.

Savion has been through a lot since the age of 2. This has been a lot for us as a family. It is even harder when you don’t have the support of your family to be there for you or just for a shoulder to lean on. It has affected us physically, emotionally, and financially. I’m not able to work like I should since he’s back and forth to MUSC for procedures and appointments. While he was in the hospital having surgery, I was fired because I was unable to work. The job only cared about me showing up to work. That put a financial burden on me because I was getting behind in all of my bills.

Anything that you can do to help my family during Christmas will be greatly appreciated. Being able to see the smiles on my children face on Christmas will bring me so much joy. I want to thank you in advance for all that you are willing to do for my family and me during Christmas.