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Adelaya got leukemia at age 1

Adelaya Rose O'Neill was diagnosed with leukemia on November 13th 2018 and spent a complete month at MUSC children's hospital in Charleston. Adelaya got released from the hospital Christmas eve last year. When Adelaya got diagnosed, I stopped working to take care of her. The decision not to work was hard. We certainly go without a lot of things. But, taking care of Adelaya and keeping on top of her doctors appointments and treatments is a full time job. I am a single mother and Adelaya is counting on me. Adelaya is my number one priority.

Adelaya is so smart she loves to play games on her tablet and she learns so fast! Adelaya loves to craft with me as I have a vinyl cutter and use that to make extra money on the side. We found a new love for embroidery this past week from a friend and I am trying to save up for a machine so I can embroider her name on everything, since she will never find her name. Thank you so much for helping us out this Christmas. Adelaya would not have much of a Christmas, if it was not for your help. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.