our kids


Addie is Kaden’s Older Sister. She is 10 and loves art, playing with dolls and music

My name is Christina Mills and my son Kaden was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia on May 2nd, 2016.  He loves to hunt, fish, and anything outdoors! Kaden has 3 sisters, Caitlyn (15), Addie (10), and Payslee (2).  Before Kaden was diagnosed, we had a crazy, beautiful life.  Now we have a new “different crazy life.”  Aside from all the treatments Kaden gets, he has recently had custom made leg braces because the chemo has killed the nerves in his legs.  He tells me all the time he is scared to die.  He says he wants to live to be 10 years old.  These are things no 7 year old should have to worry about!

Since Kaden was diagnosed we have been in the hospital about 3 of the 6 months.  With 3 other children at home, this was very hard on us.  I quit my job at a dental office to take Kaden to treatments and care for him. 

Dad is a game warden and his job keeps him incredibly busy.  My 15 year old daughter has taken on responsibilities she shouldn’t have at her age but she has stepped up and basically taken care of her younger sisters.
Because of your generosity our family is looking forward to the holiday season. I cannot express how much this means to our family this year.  Thank you so much.