our kids


Addie is Kayden 11 year old sister. Kayden’s illness has been extremely hard on Addie.

My sweet 6 year old little boy was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in May of 2016.  After a year plus of treatments Kaden is now in remission.  We still have two more years left of treatment. We take it one day at a time.
Kaden has a number of side effects from the chemotherapy that he gets once a month.  He also has to have spinal taps with chemo every three months along with the daily chemotherapy he takes at home.  Kaden has developed neuropathy in his legs and hands from treatment so he has to wear special braces on his legs to help him walk. Kaden has physical and occupational therapy to help as well.  He has developed extreme anxiety and depression. A 6 year old little boy should not have issues with anxiety and depression. We pray over time Kaden will be a healthy and happy child  
Kaden enjoys fishing and hunting and anything to do with animals. Kaden has three sisters, Addie 11, Caitlyn 16,and Payslee 3. Two of his sisters are currently in therapy with Kaden, as this nasty disease affects them emotionally. Cancer has crippling to our whole family.
We are so appreciative for your help the holiday season.
Christina Mills