Nov 15

charleston elves gets a new website

by christine in News

Welcome to the brand new online home of the Charleston Elves! As you can see, things are quite a bit different around here this year. Thanks to our friends at house studio, we now have a completely redesigned website that makes it easier for people to learn about our organization and make the decision to contribute, either through sponsoring a child or making a donation. As one of many charitable organizations and non-profits looking to make a difference through generous public donations, we realize how important it is to have a professional looking web presence - which is why we are thrilled with the look and feel of our new home.

While our workshop may have gotten an upgrade, our mission is still the same: to make sure that the financial burdens of treating childhood cancer don’t keep children from enjoying the holiday season. To that end, we’ve tried to put the focus of the site directly where it belongs: on the children. When you land on the homepage, you are immediately greeted by a collage of smiling faces - each photo containing the image of an actual child that you can sponsor. By going to the “Our Kids” page, you can learn more about each child’s personal story and challenges. In addition to each child, you can also find information on siblings that have also been affected by the financial hardships of continued cancer treatment. We’ve also included facts throughout the site that illustrate just how hard it can be financially for families who are faced with battling this deadly disease.

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