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thank you for providing an amazing christmas…..letter from 2010

by Santa in

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Dear Charleston Elves,

What an amazing Christmas you provided to our family. The time, energy, and money that it would have taken us to deliver a Christmas such as you did was beyond appreciated on so many levels. Having a child with cancer has obviously been an incredible challenge for both Austin and our family in 2010. It has made our family stronger, but has certainty taken its toll physically and mentally over the past 12 months. As most stressful situations we have our good days and bad ones, but we keep our heads held high and think positive as much as we can. We have so much to be thankful for. We have even started counting the days down until our NO MO’ CHEMO day arrives which is currently 805 days away.

Austin and Evan have not stopped playing with the train table and all the accessories since they first laid eyes on it. Every morning when they wake up its “Play Thomas, play Thomas followed by ride car”. Between the ride on car and train table you have provided our boys with hours of entertainment. The clothing, trucks, pillow pet, books, Thomas PJs were all PERFECT selections for them. Austin sleeps with his pillow pet every night.
On Christmas Eve we had to take Austin to the ER at 11pm due to a high fever, luckily they were able to treat him and send us home so Austin could wake up Christmas morning at home. We also woke up Christmas morning with no heating system since it broke early in the morning due to faulty wiring. But with all the gifts, fire going, and sunny skies it didn’t even cross our minds since we were all having so much fun. Later Christmas day Austin returned to MUSC for additional treatment from the night before. We couldn’t leave for the hospital until Austin got one of his new trucks to take along. Today Austin is doing well and we are so thankful for the people and technology that has kept our little man moving forward and enjoying life.

Again, we can’t thank you enough for what you have done for our family this year. We are honored to live in such a great community with great people surrounding us like you and your family. We hope you had as enjoyable of a Christmas as we had. Thank you so very much and god bless.


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