Dec 16

life cycle engineering - a true elf experience

by Santa in

There were many sighs and moans as we contemplated what type of gift exchange the Corporate Services Group here at Life Cycle Engineering should participate in. There were the usual ideas - $5 gift exchange, secret Santa, cookie exchange, etc. Then the idea to give back to our community began to take shape.

We set out with an original goal to adopt two children. As we began to read each child’s story and wish list the excitement and holiday spirit began to swell around the office. Soon we had raised enough to adopt three children…and then four…and then five children were adopted!  We were so overjoyed that we decided to hold our very own pre-wrapping party in the office with music, food and good cheer. The room resembled what I can only guess Santa’s workshop would look like and was full of the holiday spirit as we all took care to wrap each gift with love and compassion.  This holiday season the Corporate Services Group of Life Cycle Engineering received more than a gift exchange, we had an experience that brought us closer to not only each other, but also our community.

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