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Nov 30

charleston elves wednesday

by Santa in Inspiration

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Ho Ho Ho Happy Holidays

We have all heard about Black Friday and Internet Monday. Well, I "Santa" claim Wednesday as Charleston Elves Wednesday. This is when the world visits the website, signs-up to become an elf and adopts a needy child for the holiday season.

There are only 18 children left for adoption. Below is the story of Chinia one of many deserving children on my list. Don't be left out of this historic day "Charleston Elves Wednesday" click on the following link to become an Elf today.   

Chinia was born with slow heart rate, reflux, congenital immune deficiency-transit of infancy, with a slit eye, and sleep apnea.  She was treated by Dr. Trant for heart in Florence.  She stayed on a monitor for around 14 months.  Between the ages of 3 to 4 years she was seen for immune problems and eye conditions.

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