letters of thanks

Dear Charleston Elves,

Thank you, with all that is in my heart and with all that is in my husband’s heart, for the amazing gift that you have provided to our children, along with all of the other families of Courageous Kidz, this Christmas season. It is overwhelming to open the bags of presents and see all of the amazing gifts that were purchased with such love and care for our six children. I find it truly incredible that there are people, such as you in this world that are so willing to share their love with others. 

The financial burdens that we, along with all of the other families living with a child with cancer is hard to fathom. It has taught us many things about humility, about love and about God’s gracious hands providing for us. 

Dealing with cancer is the easy part. Dealing with real life, and the bills that come with it, well that is not easy. It is hard to explain to a child that the tree is bare because the house needs to be paid for.  It is hard to tell a child that there is not any money to buy what their hearts desire because the extra money must go for gas to get to the next appointment. It is hard to tell a child that new things will have to wait because there must be money to purchase food to put on the table. Parents must choose to either pay the electric bill or the water bill? How do you explain that the car payment is late because you wanted to buy your child a present to give them a wee bit of joy in the black cloud that cancer can create? This is the life of living with cancer.  We are still trying to recover from the years of treatments that have left us in great debt. Two months ago we had no idea how Christmas was going to happen for our family.  I prayed, my husband prayed, and then we got a call from the Charleston Elves. What a true blessing it is to have such a thoughtful and giving group of people. 

They always say that Christmas is the season for giving. This year you gave each of us something dear, and something much greater than the items you purchased for our wonderful family. You gave us hope and reassurance. Hope that there will always be someone in this world that cares and reassurance that there is good all around us. Hope that God will always provide and reassurance that His love is greater than we can imagine. Hope that others will have a smile and reassurance that there are people willing to go above and beyond to see that those smiles light up the world.  

It may have been a simple shopping trip to purchase the gifts, but for us, it gave us so much more. May each of you be blessed by His love and find warmth in knowing our sincere gratitude for the “adoption” of our children. Thank you for being willing to reach out to each of the Courageous Kidz and their siblings. With all of my heart I say thank you. These children see so much hurt, deal with so much pain and watch their worlds get turned upside down, so to have a magical Christmas for each of them is beyond words. If I could reach out and hug each of you, I would do it in a heartbeat! 

I have asked before how the words “Thank You” is adequate enough to portray deep felt gratitude. I was simply told that they may never be enough, but saying them is what matters the most.

Dear Charleston Elves,

I want to thank you for the gifts you provided for our son for Christmas, but those two words don’t seem to be nearly enough for your generosity. 

Because of you, our son is going to have a wonderful Christmas morning!  He has been so excited since we were able to get our tree up and decorated and decorations up inside and outside of the house. 

We are very fortunate to arrive home from the hospital the night before Thanksgiving so we could all be together for the holidays.  Over Thanksgiving we talked a lot about all the things we are thankful for and the many blessings we have. There are times or son gets a little down about the long road (3more years) ahead of him, but we always manage to find the many ways we are blessed and to be thankful.   You are such a great example of the blessings we are so very grateful for!  Although we have had to return to the hospital due to a high fever and received news of yet another obstacle to be overcome, we are so looking forward to being home for Christmas to celebrate together. 

Our son has always wanted and iPod, you have now made that wish come true.  He has always had a passion for all sports and now with the cleats he will be able to run around a lot safer.  I am looking forward to throwing the football and frisbee with him.  He loves the outdoors and he really needs to be outside to keep his spirits up as well as his energy level. 
I can hardly wait to see his expression on Christmas morning and I will make sure to take lots of pictures to share.  He is going to be so thrilled, and it is only due to your overwhelming kindness at this time in our lives. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making his wishes come true and for providing sunshine in his life during this trying time.  God Bless you and Merry Christmas.

Dear Charleston Elves,

There are no words to express my sincere gratitude for providing our child with so much for Christmas this year!  Our daughter is such a strong person and has been a rock for her brother, since his ordeal with cancer has began. 

Due to her school and work schedule and our being in the hospital so often for the past 5 months, I fear she may be feeling cast aside.  She has never given me that impression.  My husband and I really miss having more time with her.

Arielle is planning to attend college in the fall of next year.  She will graduate Summerville High School in May 2009 and is planning to pursue a degree is nursing.  She is such a kind and loving person and feels she can make a difference in the field.  She has volunteered at Summerville Medical Center for the past four summers so she is sure about her choice. 

She is going to be so excited and thrilled with all of the gifts that you have purchased for her.  The camera is a perfect gift for her.  She loves to take pictures of people, places and things, as she sees the beauty in everything and it shows in her photos. 

Thank you again so very much for your generosity as you have made this a very special Christmas for all of us.  God Bless you and all of your families.

Dear Charleston Elves,

We are so amazed at the generosity of people who reach out and give so generously to children they don’t know and might never see.  Dealing with Leukemia is an earth shattering experience, but there is so much love and concern from people like you who continually support and help to brighten the lives of children who are suffering from it.


Who are the Charleston Elves?
We are a group of volunteers within the Charleston community who are committed to giving needy children a special Christmas.
How do I sponsor a child and become a Charleston Elf?

Sign up to be a Charleston Elf by clicking on the following link: Become an Elf. Choose the children you want to sponsor, provide the required information and then follow the steps required to sponsor a child.

What are an Elf’s responsibilities?

Sponsor a child’s Christmas and attend the gift wrapping party or drop the unwrapped gifts off at one of the designated drop off locations, if the Elf can’t attend the gift wrapping party.

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